Visa Debit Banking Option

When searching for an online bingo site to join, players are faced with many choices. They have to find a site that would provide them with all the things they would need, from bingo game variants, promotions, Customer Support to payment methods.

The last one is particularly important, considering players must fund their accounts and cash out their winnings with a safe and secure method. And while there are so many choices out there, each promising protection and many perks, players seem to always choose the payment methods that they have already been using for their everyday online transactions, methods that they can put their trust in.

Sure, many new payment solutions appeared throughout the years offering convenient services, but players still prefer using well-established methods, with a long history of safe transactions. One of the players' favourite solutions is the VISA debit card.

Why is VISA debit card a great payment method to use across online bingo sites?

The VISA financial institution…

…needs no introduction. Regardless of where you are from, you must have heard of and even used a VISA product. It is a brand that has been operating since 1958, so it offers decades of reliability and trustworthiness. Even though initially used across the USA, it is now a solution that has reached every single country in the world, through its global network that consists of countless banking partners.

The financial institution has established a reputation of an incredibly stable payment processing provider, committed to its users and constantly launching new products and features to cater to everyone's needs, such as the newest VISA Direct Live, which allows you to send money all across the world, to any VISA cardholder, across more than 100 financial institutions and 20 countries. That means that you can send money to a VISA credit card, prepaid card, VISA Electron card, in addition to VISA debit cardholders.

VISA debit card…

…is one of the top choices when it comes to online bingo players, mainly because of the service it offers. It actually works like a checking account. You spend all the funds you have on your account. But, when things get tough, you can also continue making transactions even after you’ve maxed out your actual funds. You can do that by signing an overdraft agreement with your bank, which will enable you to spend more than you have on your account, up to a certain limit.

Therefore, contrary to the credit card by this brand, you can allow yourself to spend more than you actually have on your account, in times when you need the funds the most. Of course, you need to return the funds to the bank in a certain period of time, as set by the bank upon the overdraft agreement signing.

What’s great about this payment choice…

…is that it is an accepted option across three hundred online bingo sites. Therefore, using it, you can get access to your favourite online bingo games, since you can play across virtually any bingo site that suits you. Operators know that this payment solution is one of players’ favourite, and know it can provide them with a seamless gaming time, so they make sure they put it on their list of accepted payment methods.

Even though…

…VISA allows banks to issue all of its card products, the decision on whether they would actually issue the debit card depends entirely on the banks themselves. That’s why you should not be surprised to learn that your bank does not issue the debit card. So, before you make your decision to get issued with one yourself, you should check with your bank or some other bank in your vicinity to see whether they are actually issuing VISA debit cards. Moreover, the product is not available all across the globe, and not available in some countries. So make sure you investigate this matter before you decide to start your online bingo experience with it.

Why Choose This Banking Method?

The list of reasons…

…why you should choose VISA debit card to play across online bingo sites is huge. But essentially, it all comes down to two things. One, you can spend way more than you actually have when playing your favourite bingo variants. This is extremely important for the most avid bingo players that love buying several tickets at once, and sometimes lack money to do so. Two, the unrivalled security. VISA implements some of the toughest security measures on all of its products, the debit card included. When users see the “Verified by VISA” phrase, they know their funds are 100% safe.

This is due to the fact…

…that the brand has implemented the 3-D Secure protocol and the two-factor authentication procedure, which are used to prevent any kind of fraud and other criminal activities. This means that, as soon as you go through these authentication procedures, you are certain that your funds are completely unreachable by third-parties. Whenever you’re transacting with your debit card, you need to identify yourself with the codes that only you know. Therefore, no one can abuse your card and make payments on your part. Thanks to its high-level security measures, VISA debit card manages to move your money in a smooth and threat-free way.

Some other reasons

…to choose VISA debit card for your online bingo experience are its availability across leading bingo sites and all the perks that go with that. As mentioned, this payment solution is available in around 300 online bingo sites, among which the top ones that offer the best games and bingo-related benefits.

These leading online bingo sites offer 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, as well as many other innovative and fun bingo variants. However, what they also offer is VISA debit card users the opportunity to claim more offers than regular bingo players. No Deposit offers created for VISA debit card users only, and other exclusive bonuses can only make your online bingo experience more fun and exciting.

How to Deposit and Withdraw?

If you’ve ever used prepaid cards, credit cards or any debit card to fund your online bingo account, you will experience no problem when making your deposit with VISA debit card. But first, you should find a suitable bingo site to join, which offers games by leading software providers, a wide choice of bingo and casino games to play, and a responsive Customer Support. You should also ensure the site has been licensed by a respected jurisdiction to ensure you’ll be getting a fair gaming time.

To make a deposit…

… go to the bingo site’s Deposit/Cashier/Banking page. Click on VISA’s logo, and wait for a new window to open. You’ll need to have your VISA debit card in your hands, to enter the required information. You would need to log in to your account using your username and password. Then, you'll need to go through the two-factor authentication procedure and add your name, card number and the card's expiration date. You might also be asked to provide your CCV2 security code, found at the back of the card. Add the amount of funds you wish to transfer and confirm the transaction. The money should be on your online bingo account in a second.


…with it is as easy. You need to go through the same procedure, only this time you need to enter the amount of funds you wish to withdraw. Before you try to use the method, however, make sure it is accepted as a withdrawal method. Sometimes, operators choose to accept it for deposits only, therefore, make sure whether you can use it for withdrawals, too, or you’ll need to look for an alternative solution like PayPal or Neteller, among others.


Do fees apply when transacting with VISA debit?

Rarely for deposits. For withdrawals, however, some small fees may apply, but this would depend on the bingo site you’re playing at or the bank that issued your card. You better check this before you start transacting with the debit card.

How long will I wait for withdrawals?

Sometimes, withdrawals are processed within hours. However, the expected timeframe is anywhere between 3 to 5 days.

Is it accepted as a withdrawal method by default if already available for deposits?

Not necessarily. As explained before, operators decide whether they would accept it for withdrawals, even if they accept it for deposits. So before you attempt to make a withdrawal with it, make sure you contact the bingo site’s Customer Support to find out more about it.

How to know whether it is an accepted payment method at an online bingo site?

Online bingo sites usually display the logos of all accepted payment methods at the bottom of their homepage. If not, they list them in the FAQs section, or in their respective Banking/Cashier sections. If still in doubt, make sure you contact their Customer Support team.

If my transaction has failed, who do I contact?

Transactions may fail for various reasons, so you better contact the bingo site’s Customer Support team to check whether the problem occurred with the bingo site. If they’re unable to help, make sure you contact your bank. The bank has information and access to all your transactions, so they would certainly explain the issue and probably resolve it right away.

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