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1st Pink Cupcake

Pink Cupcake

This is an excellent suggestion, we really value players bingo reviews and think that adding video reviews will work really well. Keep an eye out for this feature in the near future, congratulations on winning our first prize.

2nd Juicy Booty

Juicy Booty

We agree with you there, players insights and opinion is the foundation of a great review site. The feature you talk about here sounds interesting and certainly not out of the question. Congrats on being our second placed entrant.

3rd chunk


We liked this idea a lot, such a simple idea that we have already added it to the video page. Great idea!

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by: Polly over 10 years ago
I really like the review and offers section, I have added a few reviews myself :-). I would love more exclusive offers, you know like free cash etc. Maybe it could go in the offers section?
by: chunk over 10 years ago
I like the video section the best, however can you make it easier to add our own videos. Perhaps have a button on the actual video page?
by: flowerpower over 10 years ago
The range of reviews is pretty impressive but it would be helpful if more players left reviews. I'd also like more exclusive offers.
by: sydjosh over 10 years ago
I think it would be good to see at a glance all of the reviews and the ratings on each... like a big table so I could find the bingo sites I have been missing that are worth a try.
Pink Cupcake
by: Pink Cupcake over 10 years ago
Of course the reviews are always important but what makes this site unique are the Videos. It gives a community feel of fun and laughter. What would be cool to add is slot reviews with screen shots. Although we are all bingo players lets not forget we love our slots too!
by: one2go over 10 years ago
I absolutely love the News & Gossip section. I can read the latest news and promos and go directly to the bingo site all on one page.

The bingo room itself is important to me. I think I would love to see videos of games in play. I can see what mini games/scratch cards/slots are available and get an overall feel for the room.

by: SoulSister over 10 years ago
The offers page if brilliant! Hunting for the best is already done for me. I enjoy reading the opinions of others. It would be nice to see if comments have been made as I'm scrolling through the bingo reviews like the little flag used for video comments.
by: arnab over 10 years ago
I think it would be good to see at a glance all of the reviews and the ratings on each... like a big table so I could find the bingo sites I have been missing that are worth a try.
Juicy Booty
by: Juicy Booty over 10 years ago
I like the comments that can be made under the reviews. It offers insight from other players. But i think what would be even better is a page for Player Reviews. Members could click on a mini version of the brunette mascot featured here. If a player likes a site they click on her smile......and if they don't they click on her frown! Sorta like a yay nay concept. Ofc that would involve some design work to achieve her frown!
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