£500 Cash Cottage Sliding Jackpot Game lands at Bingo Street

£500 Cash Cottage Sliding Jackpot Game lands at Bingo Street

Written by: Jeannie on 02/12/2011 09:20
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Bingo Street has recently introduced a brand new Friday night event called Cash Cottage. They’ve reinvented the sliding jackpot game which is capable of paying out an impressive £500 for just 5p, interested? Then read on…


Cash Cottage, only at Bingo Street

There are six games which play every hour from 6pm until 11pm every Friday. They play in the cheap as chips room with tickets costing 5p each. If the full house is won in 48 balls or less the £500 jackpot is paid out. Any more balls than this causes the jackpot to slide with each subsequent call.

On the 49th call the jackpot drops down to £300, reducing in £50 increments down to call 53 which would award £100. If the full house is won on call number 54, 55 or 56 the player would win £75, £50 or £30 respectively. All of these prizes are impressive when you consider the ticket price, although the £500 would be the preferred payout for most players.

Busy times…

This isn’t the only game which Bingo Street has unveiled to its players this month. Selected games now come equipped with an all new side bets feature which allows players to bet on aspects of the bingo game.

They’ve also recently launched their take on team bingo, they call it buddy bingo and it works in a similar way to other sites but is only available to Bingo Street members.

With all these new additions it’s safe to say that Bingo Street is a site where you can play every day of the week without running out of things to do - what a venue! 

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