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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/05/2009 23:00
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It’s the last week of May and though the month is ending, the jackpots at online bingo networks surely won’t end, especially at 888 Ladies Bingo. 888 Ladies Bingo is the popular online bingo site targeted at ladies. It comes from the parent bingo network, 888 Bingo. Let’s check out the jackpots to come this week at 888 Ladies Bingo.

Over the past few weeks there have been significant changes at 888 Ladies Bingo. The site is looking better than ever. They have been revamping the site here and there and it’s always great to see something fresh each time you visit an online bingo site. Now, you can already see openly all the great jackpots that the online bingo network is offering. You’ll see the full schedule of all the huge promos they are offering for the whole week. Now that’s fabulous knowing that you can plan ahead and make sure you won’t miss in on the action on those great promos. You can easily pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time. Well, not only are they improving the looks of 888 Ladies Bingo but they are also offering fabulous jackpots and promotions. What are those promotions? Well there are a couple of new promos to expect this week. One of which is the free bingo at 888 Ladies Bingo. What’s so great about this offer is that you can win three hundred pounds for a free bingo. Imagine that! You don’t have to pay single pence yet you have a chance of winning three hundred pounds. You can even play every day to get your chance of winning three hundred!

Now of course, the big jackpot that you should really grab is the one on May 29th. That’s a Friday. It’s the trademark jackpot from 888 Ladies Bingo. They are giving away the guaranteed jackpot of eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight pounds or £8,888! All you have to do is buy a bingo ticket only worth one pound and you can get a chance of winning that big!

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