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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/04/2009 03:00
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There is a sharp growth according to 888 Ladies Bingo with regards to their online bingo operations. They are enjoying this incredible but not so surprising rise to success, not that they aren’t doing well in the past few years. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the online bingo industry as a whole is indeed doing well even with the recession that has faced up. Imagine how much more it can grow as our economy slowly picks up from the bad weather?

888 Ladies Bingo reported their high growth but did not actually provide any figures about their performance. Because of that success, they will be expanding their online bingo network. They will go out of their UK territory and continue to move on to other countries worldwide. That is great news to those who aren’t able to join the site because of their location or their country. In a matter of months, they sure hope to replicate that success they’ve had in the UK to the rest of the countries they wish to expand to.

888 Ladies Bingo is a part of 888.com. According to their parent company though, the success in their performance comes from all of the groups. The huge growth refers to the overall figures of 888.com and not just 888 Ladies Bingo. Still, we are pretty sure 888 Ladies Bingo have a lot to contribute having over 2,500 online bingo players every day and more than 30,000 online bingo players playing real money at their site. In fact, the company has said in their announcement that the bingo services have significantly grown and increased over the past year. Their sophisticated TV advertisement has greatly helped them attract female online bingo players with the presence of Vic Reeves, a celebrity comedian. Their TV advertisement was even recognized and helped them get the Bingo Operator of the Year.

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