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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/07/2009 19:45
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Online bingo is taking it a step up with the various mini or side games that we can play in between bingo games. One of which is the Roulette. Tombola Bingo is among those online bingo networks that offer such side games like roulette. Now, they’re offering their bingo roulette a boost. July 27th marks the boost of Tombola Bingo’s jackpot prizes. Let’s take a look at the details.

Bingo Roulette is getting a boost by letting bingo fans familiarize themselves with what the game is really all about. At the same time, Tombola Bingo is also increasing the prizes for the regular members of the site with each and every game they play. The Bingo Roulette has been introduced in April at Tombola Bingo. And after a few months, it has become increasingly popular at the online bingo site. So now, Tombola Bingo decided to increase the players’ chances of winning in each game. At the same time, if you win in under twelve spins, Tombola Bingo is offering a huge jackpot! But, if you’re even luckier and get to win under ten spins, then Tombola Bingo will even give you an even bigger jackpot prize! That’s how much boost Tombola Bingo’s Roulette is getting! Aren’t you excited? The luckier you get, the higher jackpot prize you get!

Now the jackpots for the promotional week will vary depending on which room you’re in. There are four rooms there you can find at Tombola Bingo offering this great promotion. They also differ with regards to your cash out. The rooms are named after the big casinos. The Bellagio room is their big spenders’ room. The value of the chips are 50p each and it will cost you two pounds to participate. The Venetian room however, has 25p chips and requires you to at least wager one pound on the roulette. The Luxor and Mirage rooms both have 10p chips where you can wager a minimum of 40p. As for the prizes, you can win from two hundred pounds to a whopping ten thousand pounds, depending on the number of spins and which room you’re playing at.

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