Agent 008 Caught in Camera at 888 Ladies Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/09/2009 08:15
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Agent 008 is the face of 888 ladies, he is the one who gets the Happy Hour Fairy out of trouble all the time, and apparently she is always knee deep in this. And he is also the one who makes sure that the jackpots get funded, and that you, the members, receive your prizes. He accompanies prize winners out on outings, and if you want to catch some candid snaps of his, they are posted up on the blog at the moment because yesterday was his birthday.

Have a look at the pics if you want to get a look at the mysterious Agent 008, because they may not be on the blog for very long, and putting a face to a name is always good. I kind of wish I had his job, because he is going to accompany the winners of the Cruise on the Mexican Riviera, don’t you wish you had his job too? Any way, apparently all information about the mysterious agent is classified, so who knows the powers that be at 888 Ladies Bingo may destroy them before you get a look, so you will have to be sharp about it, and apparently he also has a sweet fetish, so you get to read about that too!

Making news is the fact that the big cash game for £8 888 is up for grabs tomorrow night and as the tickets have been sold to fund this prize, there are some LP’s on offer for the players who max out on their tickets, see if you can claim your free LP’s this is an extra offer and as the tickets in the game are not cheap, you might as well get a bit extra while you can. Keep in touch with the blog daily. You never know what Agent 008 might reveal next, it could even be free bingo.

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