Another Gala Bingo Closure

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 30/07/2009 19:00

With the continuing struggle to fight the recent increase in bingo duties, many bingo halls are facing closure. Just recently, another Gala Bingo hall has closed yet again. Gala Bingo is the leading and biggest live bingo operator in the country. However, that doesn’t exempt them from bingo closures. In fact, a lot of Gala Bingo halls have already closed and now another one in Leven, Scotland has just followed.

The Leven Gala Bingo hall has recently closed their doors to their loyal bingo club members. Obviously, the bingo taxes are to blame. Gala Bingo stated that this is a direct result of the government’s refusal to reverse the increased bingo duties. If you remember, the bingo duties were previously at a 15% rate. However, last April 2009, they increased the bingo taxes to 22%. This high and sudden increase has certainly affected not only Gala Bingo halls but the rest of the bingo community. It was deemed unfair by all of the bingo operators across the UK.

The Executive Chairman of Gala Coral, the parent company of Gala Bingo Hall, answered questions in an interview regarding the closure of their bingo hall in Scotland. And of course, as expected, Neil Goulden blames the high tax rate for what had happened. According to a local newspaper, Goulden stated that the government left with no choice but to close down their Leven bingo hall.

There are almost a hundred and fifty bingo clubs throughout the nation that have been closing and they blame it as a direct result of the government’s action with regards to the increasing bingo duties and the refusal to reverse such. At the same time, they are dismayed that the ministers and officials haven’t listened to their evidence-based arguments. As a result, Leven joins the other communities without a bingo hall to meet with friends, enjoy, relax, and serve as a recreation center.

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