Bingo Prizes

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/08/2008 22:00

Bingo prizes are usually determined by the price of the tickets and the number of tickets sold. If everything else were created equal then the bigger price tickets would attract the greater prizes or, alternatively, the games with the most players buying the largest number of tickets would grant access the biggest possible jackpots. However, not all things online bingo were created equal.

Guaranteed jackpots are precisely that – the bingo site in question guarantees that the winner or winners will receive a specific amount. The site does this in order to promote that game and attract a lot of new players to buy tickets on their site. For the player, it means that regardless of who turns up and how many tickets they buy, a big jackpot can be had.

Linked games have recently provided another popular source of bumper jackpots. Several sites combine for the purposes of one or more games and this means a greater pot of money for the game prizes. Like guaranteed jackpots, then, linked games can provide access to the best possible jackpots and prizes.

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