Buzz Bingo Presents Who Wants to be a Millionaire Live – Trivia at its Best!

Buzz Bingo Presents Who Wants to be a Millionaire Live – Trivia at its Best!

Written by: Kayleigh White on 28/06/2021 13:00
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Will it be 50:50 or Phone a Friend?

One the UK’s biggest gameshows is back only this time, everyone gets a chance to sit in the hotseat. Who Wants to be a Millionaire Live Trivia is a brilliant new way to play and win real cash, but you’ll need to have a good understanding of general knowledge in order to win the game. Just like the television show originally hosted by Chris Tarrant before being replaced by Jeremy Clarkson, this is a free-to-play game and requires no funds in your account to play. The similarities continue with a prize pool and a real-life host posing increasingly difficult multiple-choice questions.

The order and exact questions will be the same for all players plus, everyone has the same amount of time to choose their answer. Get a question wrong and it will result in immediate elimination from the game. Once eliminated, players can continue to watch the game. Sound like fun? It’s a thrilling way to play for free and win real cash! Only, I haven’t managed to make it past question 6 yet!

The Challenge is to Win

Buzz Bingo invites all registered players to showcase their general knowledge skills in Who Wants to be a Millionaire Live, whether you’ve made a deposit or not. Games run at specific times of the day, but if you’ve a memory like a sieve (like me!), you can set yourself a reminder to play by using the in-game reminder facility. When the game gets underway, the theme will be in full view for all to see. The rules are simple: you need to answer the first question correctly to remain present for the entire game duration. Miss the first question and you only get to watch.

There are fifteen questions per round, each with a different question and four possible answers. There will be a timer on display to indicate how long you have left to submit your answer. There are two lifelines at your disposal:

  • 50:50: Just like the show, this option eliminates two of the four answers, leaving one right and the one remaining wrong answer.
  • Ask the Audience: The virtual audience will take a vote on what they think the answer is. The most popular answer will automatically be chosen for you. You can choose to override this if you think it is wrong.

Wrong answers eliminate you; correct answers see you progress to the next round. The winner(s) will be those who get the furthest. The exact prize pool will be determined prior to the game commencing. If more than one player wins, the funds will be split equally. Remember, this is free to play with real cash prizes! There is a chat facility available to players and observers, only we wouldn’t recommend trying to chat while in-play as this will get in the way of you answering your questions – and questions come with time limits!

To give you an idea of what to expect, on the weekend, the no deposit prize pool was £1,500 with the subject being on the European Football Championship. The topic will be shown hours in advance, giving you time to brush up on your facts.

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