Creepy Cauldron Tourney Bubbles Up £300 at Bingo Street

Creepy Cauldron Tourney Bubbles Up £300 at Bingo Street

Written by: Richard Sharp on 13/10/2011 08:40
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Bingo street players have so many opportunities this month as the new bingo site offers up a veritable feast of bingo promotions and offers. They have so many fingers, in so many pies that you’d be crazy not to have a taste. Even if it has been baked in a creepy cauldron like their latest promotion.


Creepy Cauldron, it’s an instant hit

Instant tourneys are all the rage at the moment and Bingo Street has their very own halloween promotion this month entitled ‘Creepy Cauldron’ which will split £300 worth of cash prizes between the top ten players.

Bingo Street has a leaderboard on their website which is periodically updated with the latest top players. Whoever ends up in the top ten positions at the end of Sunday 16th October will win a prize. And here they are:

1st place: £70
2nd place: £60
3rd place: £50
4th place: £40
5th place: £30
6th place: £20
7th to 8th: £10 each
9th to 10th: £5 each

Collecting points…

Points can be collected on both instant games and in the bingo rooms themselves. You’ll collect 2 points for either winning on the pumpkin pattern, broom pattern or by wagering 20p in either the 75 or 90 ball rooms. One point is also awarded for every £2 wagered on instant games, of which there are plenty to choose from.

The tournament is due to finish this Sunday so there is still plenty of chance to get involved.


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