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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 30/08/2009 08:00
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Tombola Bingo is one of UKs more popular online bingo sites. The site continues to offer a lot of great promotions just like the one they recently launched. It is called the Lucky Pick game and we’re here to discuss all about this new promotion.

Tombola Bingo continues to surprise their bingo players with a variety of games in tow. Right now, the Lucky Pick game is making a buzz. You can play this new promotion each day, from Monday to Sunday. And all you have to do is play to your heart’s content! This game is free to play. You just have to make a minimum deposit in your online bingo account at Tombola to take advantage of this free game. So if you haven’t joined this online bingo site yet, then it’s time to try it today. You can even claim up to twenty five pounds in their Money Match for joining the online bingo site.

Once you’re in, you can start playing the Lucky Pick game. This one has a 90 square grid that is similar to any online bingo game. The only difference is, you get the freedom of choosing your numbers. This way the outcome of the game somewhat lies in your hands. You have more control over what’s about to happen. Now isn’t that exciting? Having to pick your numbers add much more fun and excitement to the usual online bingo that we know.

Behind each numbers in the grid, there are various cash values hidden. You get to choose six grids each day. It could reveal a cash value or an X. So make sure you’re feeling lucky before choosing those six numbers and hopefully you get more money than you deposited into your account. Out of the 90 grids, there are 49 numbers having a cash value behind it. So there’s a big chance you can win something! You can win up to five hundred pounds with this game having absolutely nothing to spend. Hurry and play the Lucky Pick today!

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