Former Bingo Hall Becomes Rock Gospel Church

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/08/2008 22:00

With all the regular posts on bingo halls being closed down and nothing ever really being known about what the buildings will become we thought it about time to give you the full story on one. A former bingo hall in Scotland has been reopened as an extremely modern and spacious church; a fitting resurrection for anything related to bingo.

The Carlton Bingo Club on Georgie Road in Edinburgh has become one of the most contemporary churches in the region and includes a giant cinema screen and cinema seating for the use of the congregation. At a time when many churches, as well as bingo halls, are being forced to shut down because of a dip in financial fortune, it's heartening news indeed.

The Rock Gospel church actually managed to raise the £300,000 in less than six months and did so because they have outgrown their existing premises. The church, called Destiny Church, was formerly found on Leith but their new home will enable a congregation of 900 people which is twice as many as their existing home.

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