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Written by: kelly on 21/07/2010 13:30
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From the moment you step your virtual foot through the virtual doors at Tasty Bingo, they start to prepare you for a taste of the high life. You could get used to living like that we suppose! The first deposit bonus is a tenner for your deposit of £10, but you also get to choose your welcome gift. What will it be? A nice bottle of wine, the free extra cash or a box of handmade Belgian chocolates, what appeals to your tastes?

Once you have joined and you want to play there are tons of tasty treats to tantalize your taste buds (or bingo buds). The new £2 Mil Thrill plays on a Saturday, but not every week, so check out when the next game is scheduled. There are two million big ones up for grabs in this Tasty Bingo sliding jackpot which is a coverall game. This means you have to play and try to cover the entire bingo card in a specific number of bingo calls. This is no easy feat, but don't worry if you don't catch the big one, there are plenty more cash prizes down the line and you won't walk away empty handed. The minimum prize is £150 and this is at least some small consolation. Bingo tickets cost £1 a pop with a maximum buy in of 36. If you go the whole hog and max out on tickets, you will still come up trumps if you win the minimum prize.

There are feasts of fun to be enjoyed when you play Tasty Bingo games and you need to check all of these out, they will make your mouth water! Check it out today, it costs nothing to look and this is one of the nicest new sites to have launched in recent times.


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