Granny wins the £50,000 jackpot!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/03/2009 07:00
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Calling all the bingo enthusiasts and lovers out there, have you heard the latest news about the £50,000 jackpot? Some of you might have already heard that the £50,000 jackpot at Buckingham Bingo Club has already been won. And who better wins that huge prize money than a deserving seventy year old granny. Want to find out more? Then continue reading about this news below.

It was in Bootle , Liverpool when someone called the full house at Buckingham Bingo Club’s £50,000 jackpot game. Was it really true? Did someone really win that huge jackpot? Apparently someone did. In fact, there were three hundred fifty other bingo players who won in that club that day too. They won £50 each during that Saturday afternoon bingo game. How and why? The old granny from Formby, the biggest winner of them all, has shared her winnings with the bingo players present by giving them £50 each!

The granny won’t the full house on the Bucky Bullseye ticket. She called bingo on the number fifty. She was certainly in luck to have won that big amount of cash! She has been constantly playing at that same club with her daughter for at least twice each week. But last week, she wasn’t with her when Granny won. Yet still, the very luck mother is so generous that she will still be sharing her prize money with her daughter. But aside from sharing her jackpot prize with her daughter, there are eighteen more people who whom she’ll be sharing it with. She has eighteen grand children who will also be reaping the benefits of that jackpot prize! Surely, this generous lady deserves to win that big amount because she has a lot to share it with. Plus, she’s also treating her daughter with a little holiday trip with that jackpot prize. She even mentioned that on the night she won, she couldn’t sleep because of her excitement.

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