How Many Tickets Do You Play?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 14/07/2008 22:45

Playing bingo online is a different kettle of fish to playing it in a high street bingo hall. The auto play or auto daub feature enables you to choose and buy your tickets and then sit back and let the bingo software do the rest for you. No need to daub your monitor or try to simultaneously keep tracks of 12, 24, or more tickets thanks to the wonders of digital gaming.

This does, of course, leave the question of how many tickets give you a greater chance of winning, or just how many you prefer to play. From a purely statistical point of view, and considering a long term view, you're better with fewer cards; in fact the fewer the better. Because you're no longer competing with yourself (if two of your tickets win you can only ever win the total jackpot, even if nobody else wins).

However, most players enjoy buying and playing more than one ticket at a time because it provides a better chance of winning in a single game. The final choice is, of course, down to personal preference so why not take advantage of Blackpool Club Bingo's £21 no deposit bonus and try out a few combinations.

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by: okinman over 8 years ago
I've often wondered the advantages and disadvantages to buying the minimum, maximum, or any number in-between of cards. I really think a number of times it depends on the site and the game you are playing.

I've seen people say that they only bought one or two cards and have won, even on a jackpot. I myself have twice won the bingo when just buying one card. But I must say that is a rare happening and comes after many many losses at one card per game.

I've even seen a player play a free game with 120 free cards available and only buy two. And claimed the win! But in general, I buy the number of cards needed to win the available bbs for the game, usually.

The only times I might max out are on free games and if I have received a huge bonus and want to play the most cards available. I find this pays me more often than the odd one-card-win.

There are sites where I can't win no matter what combination of cards I play. There are sites where the Chat hosts encourage me to hit the "get new cards" button. Do they really know something and should that be my new approach?