Learn bingo chat acronyms to enjoy your game of bingo better:

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/01/2008 03:00

The newcomer to bingo who enters a bingo chat room is sure to feel like they had entered a parallel universe as though everyone chats in English; it proves to be difficult to understand what is being said.


It is important that you understand what is being said in a chat room as you stand a chance of winning cash prizes just for participating in the chat. So make it a point to learn the basic chat acronyms for a better understanding of what goes on in a bingo chat room.


If you are leaving the computer for a while, type something like AFK meaning away from keyboard, BRB meaning be right back or BBL meaning be back later. On returning to the keyboard, you can intimidate players by typing BAK meaning back at keyboard.


It is important to inform everyone when you return to the keyboard so that the chat master will make you eligible for prizes.


When someone says something funny, the standard response to this is LOL meaning lots of laughs. For something that is really funny, you reply with ROFL meaning rolling on the floor. If you are the rude type, you could type LMAO meaning laughing my ass off!


If someone wins at a game, it’s polite to say WTG meaning way to go to the player and if you win, you reply thx meaning thanks to the person. If you are lucky to win something in the chat room, the chat master may say WTG-Rebecca- 10BB.


You now know that WTG means way to go and that Rebecca is your name. However BBs something the chat master may use for indicating wins and means bingo bucks which is free money that you stand to win from time to time when participating in chat. These BBs cannot be cashed, but can be used for wagering.


This is just the basic acronyms you will have to know to start chatting in a bingo chat room. However over time, and chatting, you are sure to come across many more acronyms that you use for chatting.


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