Make it a New Year to Remember with Three Chances to Win £2020 in Cash

Make it a New Year to Remember with Three Chances to Win £2020 in Cash

Written by: Kayleigh White on 30/12/2019 07:55
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The countdown is well and truly on; 2020 is literally a few days away and as many prepare themselves for the upcoming celebrations, others are looking for ways to bring luck, good health and fortune into the New Year – and one such way is by playing bingo (naturally).

As far as traditions go, we’ve seen a few bizarre ones that’s for sure; in Greece they hang onions on the door and in the morning, the eye-watering vegetable is used to wake the children up – a tap on the head brings more than just a tear to the eye.

Auld Lang Syne is played out here in the UK and in the US and in one country, they carry empty suitcases around the block as the clock strikes midnight. Don’t ask me why, I’ve no idea, although I assure you it has nothing to do with the wheeling dealing Del Boy Trotter!

Dabbing Good Luck

Good luck can be triggered by the ‘first foot,’ a tradition in which you walk back into your home after midnight carrying coal, or it can be triggered by simply remaining positive…

…there’s no point playing bingo to win if you’ve a negative attitude. It’s the same with in any walk of life – job interview? Playing scratch cards or the lottery? If you don’t think you’ll win, why bother?

For those of you with a ‘I can win this’ attitude, there’s one upcoming bingo game that will help kick off the 2020 celebrations with a bang – the 2020 bingo blowout at Bingo Street. This one-time only event is scheduled to take place when the partying has ended and the headaches are subsiding – New Year’s Day at 1pm, giving you plenty of time to sleep in and refresh yourself for the big game.

Get ready for an amazing bingo bonanza offering three chances to win £2020 – that’s a total of £6060 in one game. All prizes are real cash, but you’ve got to be in it to win it! Tickets will set you back just 10p and you’ve the option of buying as many as 96 into the game. Whether you win the one-line, two lines or full house, that prize money is a hefty wad of cash and yours to do with what you please.

Pre-buying into the game? Head to the lobby and select the upcoming game to get started. If you’re making a deposit to take part, don’t forget to take full advantage of the other promotions running – the wheel of wins guarantees you to win a prize on every deposit you make. Simply use the code WHEEL in the cashier to win either bonus spins, free bingo tickets, a bingo deposit bonus, deposit bundles or a flipping good games bonus.

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