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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 31/07/2009 00:06

For the past couple of months, we have seen the popularity of Twitter grow from nil to millions! It’s a micro-blogging and social networking site in one that is making a buzz in the World Wide Web today. Even television networks, shows, celebrities, politicians, non-profit groups, companies, media, and journalists among many others have their own Twitter account where they “Tweet” all day sharing information and news to all their followers. Now the latest buzz in the online bingo industry is that Twitter just launched their first ever online gaming application. And what that is? They call it “TwitterINGO”! Perhaps all online bingo players and lovers of Twitter out there are rejoicing. Let’s learn more about this exciting news.

The name pretty shouts out what the first online gaming application Twitter has launched doesn’t it? Yes, it’s a version of online bingo. The game was developed by Definition 6 which is an American interactive marketing agency. Basically, it’s a desktop application based from our favorite game, bingo. The game play is similar but there are a couple of differences you’ll find.

For one, TwitterINGO makes use of key words instead of numbers. So instead of calling numbers, there are 25 key words given to the player. There is also a game board where you will find the key words that are called. However, the way it is called is whenever people use one or more of those key words in their “tweets”. Those people should be those that the player follows in Twitter. Take for example you have “summer” and “vacation” in your 25 key words. Now if one of the people you follow on Twitter “tweet” something that includes “summer” and/or “vacation”, then you can mark two of your key words. The same goes with the rest of your 23 key words until you mark all 25 key words. When you win, you get this badge “I Won TwitterINGO” that you can post on Twitter and other sites like Facebook. For now, the games are played weekly every Tuesdays at three in the afternoon, Eastern Time.

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