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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/08/2009 10:00
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Recently, Tombola has just made a bingo jackpot record. Just last August 3rd, they have reached a high number of jackpot payouts that amounted to a whopping £72,247. There were a total of twenty four jackpot prizes that were given away that day. So there were certainly a lot of Tombola bingo players who were rejoicing for their win. It was truly an exciting and memorable day for the online bingo site and the record it has achieved.

The first lucky jackpot winner of the day was a resident of Stevenage whose username in Tombola Bingo was “rosballs”. Rosballs won a whopping £19,547 jackpot for playing the Bingo 90 game at Tombola. Following Rosballs were ten winners at the Cinco game. Some of those bingo winners included “Smiles67”, a resident of London who was so very lucky to win in another game which was the five card trick. So what was the total amount scooped? Smiles67 won a total of a whopping twenty thousand pounds! Check out the five card trick game over at Tombola Bingo to see how it’s being played. They say it’s one of the most popular card games in Tombola that requires no skill. So that means it is merely a game of luck. So “Smiles67” must have been very lucky that day. There were other winners including user “Janecol” who scooped a whopping ten thousand pounds! There were also five other Cinco winners who took home one thousand pounds each.

Those are just some of the Tombola bingo winners for that day. Of course, there were many other winners since we mentioned there were a total of 24 jackpot winners last August 3rd. Well, this only goes to show that Tombola has been giving away tons of money lately and that won’t be stopping anytime soon. You too can be one of the lucky winners there. So make sure to try your luck at Tombola Bingo today!

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