Shark Alliance European Shark Week - Starts 15th October

Shark Alliance European Shark Week - Starts 15th October

Written by: Nikki M on 11/10/2015 14:20

Here at Bingo-reviewer, we know that most of our readers are busy Mums (and some Dads), who like to spend what little free- time they may have in the evening playing online bingo. We understand that juggling modern family life can be stressful and often expensive; which is why we're always on the lookout for fun free activities that you can do with the kids.

October 15th marks the start of European Shark Week, and in conjunction with Sea Life Centres we're aiming to help raise awareness of the plight of sharks, with some interesting facts and figures; information about some fun special activities at Sea Life Centres around Europe and a special competition which opens this Friday for you to win a free family day pass to any UK Sea Life Centre.

Shark Conservation

With alarming research showing there are fewer Great White sharks left in our seas than there are tigers on the earth, whilst tens of millions of sharks are cruelly killed every year for their fins, Sea Life centres will also be calling on visitors to sign a petition put forward by the Shark Alliance to tighten laws on shark finning.

While many nations have declared bans on shark finning, glaring loop holes allow fishermen to harvest shark fins in vast, unsustainable numbers which, unless stopped, will end in the extinction of many species.

During Shark Weeks, Sea Life will aim to collect over 100,000 signatures in support of protecting sharks from lax finning laws.

After close of European Shark Weeks on 30th October, the petitions will be used to lobby EU fisheries ministers to tighten laws on shark finning and ban the removal of shark fins at sea.

Sea Life Centres & University of Birmingham - Research Project

In support of Shark Alliance European Shark Week from 15th October, aimed at raising awareness that many species of shark face extinction within 10 years, Sea Life is doing a large scale research project into shark teeth that may reveal why the gigantic Megalodon shark died out in pre-historic times, and how our impact on the seas may lead to further mass extinctions.

The picture shown with this story is of Aquarist Tom Prakash with a megolodon shark tooth…and for comparison, the tooth of a black-tipped reef shark. Amazing to think that such an enourmous predator that once roamed our oceans has now died out. The scientists at the University of Birmingham aim to study oxygen isotopes in shark teeth (which tell them about water temperature at the time the shark died), to see if there are any telling clues about changes in water temperature and extinctions of various shark species.

The Competition

For our part in helping to raise awareness of this interesting research project and great cause, Bingo-reviewer will be running a competition which will open on October 15th in which you get the chance to win a free family pass to any UK Sea Life Centre; so please check back here then.

In the meantime please share this page, and the petition with your friends and family via email, Facebook and whatever ways you can - to help us spread the word about shark conservation and European Shark Week.


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