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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/08/2008 07:00

Most of us register with online bingo sites so that we can play on an extensive range of convenient bingo games from the luxury of our own living, bedroom, or other room in the house. However bingo sites also have a great range of side games and other games to keep you entertained either while you play bingo or between games.

Slot machines are the most common of side games proving especially popular thanks to the progressive jackpots and large guaranteed jackpots that they offer. Progressive Jackpots on games like Ladbrokes Bingo's Clover Rollover slot machine have even sailed above the £1m mark making it a real life changing jackpot if you can collect it.

The slot machine games on a site may be offered completely separately and independently of the bingo games on a different page. Alternatively they may be found in the bigno games software so that you can leave your bingo on auto-dab while you try your hand at the slot machines while never having to close down the game screens.

Among the most popular form of gambling, slot machines have long represented large jackpots and a great opportunity to win big prizes for comparatively little outlay.

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