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Written by: kelly on 14/07/2010 13:10
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Tasty Bingo has got some incredible new tasty treats up at the site, the first worth a mention has got to be the new "£2 Mill Thrill". This is a game set to play every second Saturday and with a maximum prize of £2 Million it is bound to attract a good deal of attention. We can assure you right now that this won't be easy to win, in fact the bigger the prize money – the more difficult the game. It is a coverall with a sliding prize and you have to cover your card in 40 bingo calls. If you think you can do this, buy your bingo tickets now, they will cost you a pound each.

A new £2k Tasty Dream game plays on the 3rd October at 7pm, and if you are looking for a nice win this could be perfect for you. The beauty of this game is that even though bingo tickets cost a pound each, they can be bought for free if you earn your share of Tasty Points. 500 Tasty Points will buy you one free bingo ticket, so the aim of the game is to earn as many of these as you can. Appeal to their sense of humour and tell them how you would spend your win, earn 50 points. Bingo on the "D" and the "Star" patterns for 5 points, and every pound you spend on bingo earns you 2 points. You have a couple of month to collect points!

If these games are a bit rich for your blood, don't you worry, Tasty Bingo has a game for every taste and pocket. Relax and play on a Saturday at 7pm, this is your opportunity to feast on a £50 buffet for bingo tickets costing only 2p.


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