Ten Essential Tips For Bingo Newbies Part Three

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/06/2007 15:00

Welcome to the third instalment of our ten essential facts for bingo newbies series.  Over the past couple of days we have been discussing the things you need to consider and look for before you choose a bingo site to make your home.  If you have missed either of the first two articles we suggest you check them out some time by visiting these links:

Today we are going to consider some things that can make your online bingo playing a more enjoyable and indeed a more fruitful experience.  We will today give you three tips and tomorrow will finish off the series with the remaining two tips for bingo newbies.  We have talked about the importance of the bingo bonus and have shown you how to get the best bingo offers. This will get you more for your money, but there are more things to consider.

Bingo Tip Number Six: Make the most of your money  When playing online bingo it is important to remember that you are often playing with real money, so you must always limit the risk of losing and only wager what you are willing to lose.  This will ensure your online bingo experience remains a fun one. There are many ways that can improve your chance of winning. One of which is the way you choose a room. It is common sense that the more people that are in a bingo room the smaller the chance of winning become. However, if you choose a room that is very quiet then the cash prizes are likely to be small. You are best off playing in a room that is not too crowded but still have enough people to talk to; this also pushes the pot size up!  


Bingo Tip Number Seven: Running out of cash does not mean you have to stop playing bingo!


If you run out of bingo cash then there are lots of alternatives that mean you can keep playing bingo. There are some great bingo sites that offer bingo free of charge. These free bingo sites often have great prizes without any risk at all to your bank balance.  In fact many newbies use free bingo sites to get their 'bingo legs' before they embark in to the world of pay to play bingo. Free to play bingo sites give you the opportunity to practice playing the games, using the chat features, allow you to make new friends at the same time as winning some great cash prizes. So remember they are available for your use!

Bingo Tip Number Eight: Keep up to date with the latest bingo news. Every bingo site has a free newsletter that keeps you in the know of the sites events, bonuses and offers. These newsletters are your ticket to the inside scoop of online bingo. We suggest that you sign up to your favourite bingo sites newsletter as soon as possible and if you wanted to get all the information in one newsletter then why not sign up for ours.


That's it for today, but be sure to check back in tommorrow for the final part of out ten essential tips for bingo newbies.Thanks for reading.


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