The excitement of team bingo:

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 10/01/2008 04:00

Team games is the biggest craze in internet bingo today where many major sites offer these games to bingo players looking for a more social experience in bingo.


The payoffs for team bingo are relatively higher, but you have to know how to play these games effectively.


Team games are played to create the same atmosphere that existed in bingo halls when bingo started. As bingo is basically a social game it’s more fun playing with a group of friends than playing alone.


If you can’t get your friends to play, you could always befriend some roomies in the chat rooms to form a team and try to win big prizes.


There are many sites offering team games today like Kiwi Bingo and Miss Bingo where the style of playing may differ.


The best games are those played over a period of time where the team scoring the most points wins the prize. This permits healthy, real rivalry to develop in between teams.


The ongoing bingo team competitions don’t permit you to switch team members once the competition has started. However if you intend to win, it is important that you have all your team members playing in a session.


Moreover, some sites state that you have to have all team members together for at least one session to qualify for the prize. So make sure your buddies agree to this when you sign up for a game of team bingo.


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