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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/07/2009 10:00
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We haven’t heard from Tombola Bingo for awhile but now, they are back in the business. Tombola Bingo has just announced that they are offering whopping jackpot of £100,000! And to sweeten the deal, they are offering the jackpot at a free bingo game. This will certainly make heads turn. They will surely attract a lot of bingo players across the UK with such a fantastic promotion. And to the rest of the online bingo sites, watch out because we’ve got tough competition here. Now let’s take a look at the details of the one of UK’s online bingo sites, Tombola Bingo and their promo.

What a way to up the game than by offering free bingo with a big jackpot prize. Imagine how big of a jackpot £100,000 is for a free game of bingo! How can you win it? All you have to do is to search the most popular UK women’s weekly magazines. What do these magazines have to do with bingo and Tombola Bingo’s huge jackpot game? Well, they have hidden the bingo tickets inside these magazines. Those tickets will allow you to join the free bingo game. And remember, there are millions of those bingo tickets to be found in those magazines so make sure to visit your local newsstands starting July 13th! They will be putting the weekly magazines with the bingo tickets up by the 13th of July. So make sure to alarm that in your calendar. It’s actually better if you can ask the vendor if they know about the promo so you know which women’s weeklies to get.

The free bingo game the one liner and two liners only have small prizes, being five pounds and ten pounds, respectively. However, if you win the full house, you’ll get to win a whopping one hundred thousand pounds! There could be up to ten winners that may share the jackpot but don’t worry because there can be no more than ten to win this huge pot! So mark your calendars players. This is surely going to be a lot fun!

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