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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/09/2009 17:00
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We all know how many terms are being used in bingo today. If you are one of those who are new to online bingo, you will probably get confused with all the words being used in online bingo today. Thanks to Tombola Bingo, a bingo translator is born.
Chat room is one of the features making a hit in online bingo today. While you play your favorite game of bingo, you can chat with other online bingo players as well as all your friends playing online bingo in the same online bingo room. You’ll probably notice how many bingo terminologies are being used. Some bingo numbers being called are even called in various ways. So how will you understand what they’re all talking about when you’re new to the online bingo scene? Well, there’s the latest innovation from Tombola bingo, the “Binglish” translator.
The “Binglish”, a coined term from the words Bingo and English, is a bingo translator that tells you what the various terms being used in the UK chat rooms are. It’s a handy tool that will help you understand what they are all chatting about. Imagine, if someone types in “ROFL WDW I was 1TG”, would you know what that means? Do you understand their conversation? Do you know what “yoof innit” or “bruv” means? You may think those words are all jibberish and might even think those are just typographical errors but they are not. In order to know what those words are, just go to Tombola Bingo, type in those words and the “Binglish” translator will translate it to you. For example, the first phrase “ROFL WDW I was 1TG” means, “rolling on the floor laughing, well done winner, I was 1 to go”. Now that sounds better right? If you have no idea what those terms in bingo chat rooms are all about, I say do yourself a favor, head on to Tombola Bingo and make use of the “Binglish” translator.

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