Tombola Bingo offers a game of bingo roulette

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 25/04/2009 11:00
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Ever heard of bingo and roulette in one? Then if you are curious, perhaps you can check out Tombola Bingo’s latest available game. It is an exclusive offer only from Tombola. It’s the Bingo Roulette!

For those who have been regular players at Tombola Bingo, by now you are probably aware of their latest offers. You are probably aware too that they offer various new games from time to time. It only goes to show how exciting and fun it would be to play at one of the most popular online bingo networks in the UK. They always come up with the most unique games of online bingo. They always try to improve and up their game. They offer fresh ideas to all the online bingo lovers out there. And of course today, one of their latest game offerings is the Bingo Roulette. Now how cool is that to mix online bingo with a very popular casino game of Roulette? In fact, the moment they have launched this new game of Bingo Roulette, the online gamers out there have headed onto the site and within twenty four hours, there were already seven people who won the jackpot. That’s certainly something. It only proves how fun this new game of Bingo Roulette must be.

Tombola Bingo never fails to satisfy and do more for their online bingo members. They always make it a point to offer very stimulating games for all the online players out there. According to the online bingo network, it took them six months to create their latest game of Bingo Roulette. It mixes the two thrilling games of bingo and roulette. The way it works, you need to purchase eight coloured chips. There is a Roulette wheel with the numbers where you can select where you will place your eight coloured chips. Once the game starts, there is no changing. When numbers are called, the chips are removed. The first player whose all eight chips have been removed from the Roulette wins the game of Bingo Roulette.

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