What Type Of Online Bingo Player Are You?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 31/08/2008 22:00

There's a lot of reasons to pick a particular online bingo site over the masses of others that exist. Some plump for the site with the best opening offer or no deposit bonus, others prefer a friendly and lively game atmosphere, while others still like big cash prizes, or might prefer the star item prizes such as cruises and cars.

The sniper travels from site to site taking advantage of the best offers that are in place. Eventually, they may settle on a handful of sites that have various offers running at different times and leveraging these accounts they can benefit hugely from what's on offer.

The socialite pays little heed to the offers and sign up bonuses and is drawn to the sites that have the most fervent chat communities in the bingo game rooms. The online bingo socialite prefers to chat and let the software do the rest of the work and usually only has one or possibly two accounts.

The prize hunters have lots of accounts with each of the big online bingo sites as well as many of the smaller ones They sign up for all the newsletters and pace their playing according to the biggest and most relevant prizes and competitions.

What type of bingo player are you?

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