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by: bonniebops over 8 years ago
I’m not sure why this site received the low rating that it did, but I have certainly enjoyed my time playing there. Yes, their signup offer isn’t anything special but most sites don’t offer anything all that special as it is and when they do there are often strings attached. I really enjoy the theme her, it makes things fun and lighthearted and honestly, when I play, it brings me back to feeling like a kid again anyway so the name is pretty appropriate. I did appreciate their beginner’s luck offer though. It’s a free bingo game where you get the chance to win back your first deposit but it’s only useful if you make a big one, which I made sure to do! For every £10 your first deposit is made up of, you get 1 ticket free. They are also another site that offers the bingo ball for life and any site that offers that is great. Overall, great games, promos and support.
by: okinman over 8 years ago
Back2School Bingo leaves one wondering at the name, because of course we associate school with schoolchildren. But it's the adults here that believe in lifelong learning and lifelong fun as well, and sending your kids off to school after a long vacation at home, well, that's just fun all by itself so when you throw in Bingo, well, you have instantly gratifying entertainment.

We adults do like to play just as hard as the kids do, but we do it in ways like chatting with our roomies and shouting BINGO when we hit that big win! With signing up at Back2School Bingo you get to play and earn bbs which give you more buying power and thus more opportunity and chances to win.

I've always enjoyed microgaming slots, and this site is full of them. As a US player I am disappointed to not be able to play here or play at any microgaming site, but that may change as the laws become defined for online bingo across international borders. The slots are very fun and exciting with great features. Would be nice to play and win.

Overall looks like a fabulously entertaining and fun site. Good luck to all players I hope that you get a big schooling at Back2School bingo.
by: Bitter over 7 years ago
This is definitely one of the sites on my good list, a place I love to visit often. I always thought that it is not really convenient to associate casino sites with school in any way, but hey, what ever works. I like how the site looks, with a black (or rather, green) board, but it doesn't look that good in high resolution, and that's a place for possible improvement.
New players are given a £5 No Deposit Bonus, or rather trial bonus, that you can use to test the games, although if you are lucky enough, you can even get some cash out of it (I have seen very few people that pulled that off).
This is a Microgaming site, with 75 and 90 ball games, four rooms in total. I have seen sites with more rooms and better Bingo offer than this one, but I still love to play on Back2School. I always had a good experience with withdrawal, without waiting for long.


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