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by: okinman over 6 years ago
The BingLotto website is a little clumsy to navigate and isn't the easiest place to find exactly what you want with just one click. But it is full of great information for the bingo player. Currently for the holidays they are offering a 300% bonus match but they are quick to let you know that bonuses matches above 250% are not eligible for free room wins or other bonus offers.

I do find it nice that they put that right out there so you don't get surprised later.

One thing interesting is that you can have two accounts at BingLotto. One for play and one for pay. The free rooms offer lots of chances to win 25 bbs and get in on the pay games. Each bingo room has a Super Jackpot in addition to the cash pot and other various prizes. You must be a depositing player to win jackpots and super jackpots.

Another interesting thing going on is the "BingLotto" drawing. It runs every hour with a cash pot winner each game. Players can win $250 for 25¢.

The free Binglotto drawing has a $150 CASH prize and there is no deposit required and there are no restrictions on winning. It runs each night at 7 pm EST.

So even if you can't deposit, you can win at BingLotto. That's pretty nice!
by: FrostedCupcake21 over 6 years ago
I found the layout on this site to be a little strange and outdated. I have never come across an online gaming site that is set up quite like this before. Nonetheless it is an interesting site. “Binglotto” is their exclusive lotto drawing game. It runs every hour and every hour someone gets a chance to win a pretty decent jackpot. They also offer this same kind of drawing in a free version, with no deposit required. In this particular version, there is a $150 prize and it takes place every night.

The slots here are ok but the jackpots don’t seem to get very high. It says on their site that slot jackpots range from $200 to $1500. To me, that is pretty low. I don’t know if that meant for certain slots or what. It was pretty vague, but I haven’t seen the jackpots get any higher than that in the games I’ve played.
by: Bitter over 6 years ago
Really not many good things to say about this site's layout, and it kind of hurts my eyes just to look at it. Seriously, this are not the 90s, and they should hire a web designer asap. I spent quite a bit of time trying to understand what the hell goes on. Not all the important things are linked properly, and I was really tired to explore it for myself.
Their game provider is new to me, and I don't recall of seeing it before, so maybe not a bad idea to be cautious after all.
They have only 75 ball bingo to offer, and that is hardly something to talk about. The one thing that stands out is the Bingolotto game which is a kind of lotto, with 8 numbers to pick. You can use your phone to play this game, and it makes it really weird to have a site that looks this bad and a mobile game covered.
by: lime_in_da_coco15 over 6 years ago
I won’t say much about the layout here because everyone seems to have touched on that topic. It’s not that great, but I was pleasantly surprised with what they had to offer otherwise. I actually decided to give them a try because a couple of my friends had joined BingLotto and were very happy with it. They do require players to have the shockwave plug-in installed which can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t already have that on your computer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is the best site I have ever played at, but considering the looks of it, it’s not half bad. They have nice gaming options to choose from and the prices are fairly cheap. You can look out for 75 ball and their exclusive binglotto game for a chance to win some free cash nightly. In addition to classic bingo games, they also have a variety of slots, video poker and casino games.


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