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by: Bitter over 7 years ago
Never cared much for those funny cartoon like sites, and Clucky fits right into that category. I wouldn't spend much time with the site's design, as it looks like a great example of how sites should not look like. Too simple, too colorful.
At least you won't have problems with navigation, since it works fast, and all the info is within few clicks away.
There is a rather standard sign up depositing bonus, with a £20 bonus (if you deposit a £10 or more), so nothing to get too excited about. Oh, and I forgot the Spin the Wheel one try that you also get, with guaranteed prize up to £2,500 but somehow I always end up with the smallest prize.
Bingo is covered with regular 75 and 90 ball variants, that are rather classic, and it is a shame they don't offer something a bit more. They do have some slots and instant games as well, if you get bored with bingo.
by: bonniebops over 7 years ago
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites! I enjoy checking out all the new sites that step onto the scene and so I was determined to try this one out. I had heard good things so I immediately went for it. With a welcome offer like theirs, I found it to be highly worth it. No, it’s not a no deposit bonus but it’s still pretty good! When you register and make a deposit of £10, they will throw in an extra £10 for free. In addition to this, they also give you a free spin on the wheel, which is worth between £5 and £2,500.

I was a little disappointed with the bingo here. They offer the basics, which is fine, but I like to see maybe a little 30 or even 80 ball thrown in the mix every once in a while. It’s easy to get burnt out on the variations you see everywhere. However, they made up for this small disappointment for me with their team bingo. I love team bingo and I am happy to see that more and more sites are offering it now!
by: FrostedCupcake21 over 7 years ago
The theme and layout here is absolutely adorable! I love the birds and the cartoon-like look of the site. I was not too impressed by their welcome offer. I am a sucker for the no deposit bonuses so this didn’t do much for me. I did like the addition of the free spin, though I only won the minimum of £5. Regardless, I do like clucky bingo very much and plan on continuing to play here. They have my favorite variations when it comes to bingo. I don’t need too many extras when it comes to bingo. Just give me the basics and I’m happy! I am a huge fan of their promotions here. I love their Friday night takeaway deal. It’s so unique and it’s not often you see promotions like this elsewhere. All you have to do is win on a full house on Friday night at 8pm and they will buy you a £50 takeaway for the next week.


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