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by: Polly over 11 years ago
I tried this site out, two words - Ghost Town, well in the UK rooms at least. The rest of the rooms were buzzing, just a shame i can't speak Swedish! Thanks for the £15 no deposit bonus. I voted:
ease of use; 4
amount of gossip; 1
how it looks; 2
prize pot; 2
visit again; 2

I think it has potential but at the moment it is too quiet.
Pink Cupcake
by: Pink Cupcake over 11 years ago
Your banner says £15 no deposit yet the homepage says £10. I this a Bingo Reviewer exclusive?
by: Richard over 11 years ago
Hi Pink Cupcake, that's correct. Bingo-reviewer members which join hats off bingo can claim £15 instead of the regular £10 :-)
by: one2go over 11 years ago
Hats off to Bingo Reviewer for the exclusive! The site is very plain but it's all about the jackpots anyway ;-)
by: CrustyBalls over 11 years ago
I actually like this site. A different software that i have not seen around too much made the games new and interesting for me.
Juicy Booty
by: Juicy Booty over 11 years ago
Is this a new bingo site? I registered and most of the bingo rooms were empty. Whats strange though is on the outside of the room it shows many players.
by: SoulSister over 10 years ago
It's a very plain site. I miss the glitz a bit with this one.
by: rosebush over 10 years ago
Hats Off Bingo is a bit plain but I'll give them a chance. They are quite new aren't they?
by: okinman over 9 years ago
I was intrigued while looking through the lists of bingo software sites and saw Aberrant software listed. I had never heard of it and decided I needed to take a look at this single and multiplayer bingo platform over here at Hat's Off Bingo.

It is pretty cool that the bingo games are flexible to international players and can the games can be broadcast in different languages and can support tournament play. So how does the Hat's Off Bingo player utilize all this cool stuff? By feeling right at home and satisfied.

With such a large variety of bingo and other games you love available to play with your no deposit bonus you will receive after you verify your email during registration, you may as well get comfy and take your hat off and enjoy yourself.

And if you want to feel even more comfortable and you speak a different language, you can simply enter the room of your language choice and you will be chatting away like old friends with your roomies.

With the good security set up with the software, and the great customer service and international appeal, this site shows a lot of promise and a great deal of diversity. I think I like it.
by: FrostedCupcake21 over 9 years ago
I was not overly impressed with the layout they have here. It could use a little sprucing up. The colors are not very vibrant and it can make things a little depressing upon first glance. However, after playing here a little while, you will quickly find that this site grows on you! They offer the bingo basics. There are two variations available, including 75 and 90 ball. Although I would have liked to see possibly one additional variation, I can’t complain because they have some very nice jackpots up for grabs all day, every day! In addition to bingo games, they also have tons of other games, including slots, scratch cards and various card games. I enjoy playing their slots most often when I need a little break from bingo. They offer HD, 5-reel and 3-reel slots. One of my favorites is the HD puppy paws slot because I am a sucker for puppies and the jackpots are well worth it!
by: Bitter over 8 years ago
I do now for a fact that this site is among better known, and still, the site looks so pale in comparison to some that I have seen. The design is not the most important thing, but it should be a priority to this guys, since they will just lose players. I didn't have too much experience with Abberant software before, and I must say that I am positively surprised. The games look very good, and run smooth, and you can choose your interface language, a big plus if you ask me.
They have a No Deposit Bonus offer (a $15 at this time) and that is a nice way of experimenting with the games.
The bingo is represented with 75, 90 and 80 ball games, so very little to complain (unless you prefer the popular 30 ball variant). There are also other popular casino games, like Slots, Scratch cards and card games.
by: lime_in_da_coco15 over 8 years ago
Overall, I found this site to be a bit dull. Everything form the layout, to the gaming opportunities is just lacking something. The bingo they have to offer is the bare minimum. You can find these variations just about anywhere and I like to have more than two options. Offering a bit more in the bingo department might have made this site slightly more unique.

I found myself playing everything BUT bingo here. Instead, I was playing their slots, which are not too bad but you can find every single one of them virtually anywhere else and the jackpots are not exactly anything to get overly excited about. In addition to slots and bingo, they also have some mini games to play as well as scratch cards and table games. I found their terms and conditions to be fair but I simply was not impressed by the actual entertainment options here.


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