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by: N0ughty over 11 years ago
i think this is one of the freshest and easiest sites to use out there at the moment. Also they have really good chat rooms which are fun. I got 200% deposit match when I joined which is obvkiously a really good offer.
by: Klauss over 11 years ago
Who says pink is the color of bingo? Definitely not Landmark. If you guys are tired of pink pink pink pink... then you should head on over to Landmark! You're going to love them!
by: emerald over 11 years ago
I just availed of the free coupon code at Landmark, but that is not what really caught my eye. It was actually the ease with everything you do on the site from buying tickets to getting around the site. You're also going to love the people on line, and their chat rooms are very nice and fast too.
by: redrum over 11 years ago
Lots of bonuses and promos on this site. I agree that out of the newer bingo sites, Landmark is the best!
by: Logout over 11 years ago
I think Landmark has a lot of potential to become really big and successful. I invite you guys to support them, and win in the process!
by: Logout over 11 years ago
I think Landmark has a lot of potential to become really big and successful. I invite you guys to support them, and win in the process!
by: PP over 10 years ago
Congrats on winning site of the month, I have to agree with BR here, landmark have some great promos especially if you are a new member to the site.
by: tweeksta over 10 years ago

i just tried the code: reviewer5

it says that it is an invalid code
by: BingoReviewer over 10 years ago
We'll look into this and get back to you asap
by: chunk over 9 years ago
I like that they offer 80 ball, didn't they used to only offer 75 and 90. Either way it's good news, thanks for the additional bonus too.
Pink Cupcake
by: Pink Cupcake over 9 years ago
This has to be one of the most generous bingo halls for free bbs. Seems every week there is a new code. Thanks landmark.
by: okinman over 8 years ago
I finally decided to try one of the free bbs codes at Landmark Bingo. I didn't remember if I had an account there, but I did!

It was easy to get my free 10 bbs. I see I have some loyalty points and will need to check on how that program works and if I can or should participate.

Played for awhile in the big ben room. The chat host Samantha asked how I was doing so all I had to say was "toothache" and got all the sympathy and advice I needed. I'll have to remember to come in and chat more when I am lonely.

Played some new slots games, won £10.33 on Brittonaire playing the minimum, on a free spin play. That was cool. Didn't really get any good hits at bingo.

All in all, I'd have to say I'll be checking out Landmark Bingo more often since they have so many free bbs and they are so nice to their players!
by: BingoReviewer over 8 years ago
Plenty of freebies and no deposits each month. These guys never stop.

Granted they mostly offer BBs, but still its free!
by: FrostedCupcake21 over 7 years ago
You can’t go wrong with the welcome bonus they start you off with here. They give all new members a generous bonus of £15 free. I eagerly took this free cash and ran with, having been able to play a few of their games on the house. In addition to this very nice welcome bonus, they will also award you with a total of 750% worth of bonuses on your first three deposits.

I was extremely happy with the bingo they had to offer here. There are four varieties available, including 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball. This is more options than I have seen at most sites and I was very pleased to see it. I love 30 ball and it can be difficult to find. Their bingo jackpots can get pretty big and are well worth playing for.

If you’re like me, you get a little burnt out on bingo every once in a while. When this happens, I like to switch over to slots for a bit. They have a lot to choose from here. One of my favorites is Wild Vegas!
by: Looter over 7 years ago
I have seen sites that look really similar to this one, and I'm not quite sure who borrowed the inspiration from whom, but it doesn't really matter, since it looks nice, has a clean and modern layout and is easy on the eyes.
It is a UK site, it is called landmark bingo, so no wonder the famous landmarks are scattered all around the site.
I love sites with no deposit bonus, and this one gives out a £15 as a welcome offer for new players, and then a 200% bonus for maximum up to £200. Reloads are rewarded with a 100% bonus up to £500.
Oh, and the bingo is really nicely represented with all popular games available: starting from 75 and 90 that are most popular variants, but also the 30 and 80 ball games which are a real treat for demanding bingo players, and all that in 13 rooms, which is really impressive.
by: lime_in_da_coco15 over 7 years ago
I was over the moon with their massive selection of slots! It was certainly a nice breath of fresh air to come across four different types to choose from. They have 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball games available to players every single day. This is by far the best thing about playing here. I had heard good things about this site and I have no idea what took me so long to sign up but I am very happy that I did. It took me no time at all to register and begin playing all of my favorite games.

They are also a comodo site, which means they offer some of the best privacy software that you can get! It definitely helps to ease much of the worry that comes with sending private information over the net. Players also have the chance to take advantage of their mobile site as well, making it beyond easy to play while on the go.


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