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by: bonniebops over 6 years ago
Lotteries are typically not my thing but I decided to give this site a try. If you’re into these kinds of games then this is the place for you. I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t one of those lotto sites that offers both lotto games and then traditional games like slots or table games. I do realize, however, that that’s not what they’re all about so I can’t knock them for that. I was really impressed by the amount of lotteries offered to players to engage in. They have a nice amount of American and European lotteries so that players can take advantage of games they wouldn’t normally be able to based on where they lived. Another nice thing about the site is that they send you a digital copy of your ticket that can be kept like that or printed out as a physical copy so that it feels all the more real!
by: okinman over 6 years ago
I signed up at Lottery Master and was going to deposit as they seemed to have a lot of options and one that might work for me. But, when I finally got into the deposit software, the only choice was a VISA credit card. This option is not for me, so I have yet to actually try the site and purchase.

However, I did like what I saw! There are so many options of lottery choices available- many I'd never heard of or known were available for play. I think it would be fun to play all of these international games and try to hit a big prize.

I also liked the delivery method for the tickets with the digital copy being available for whatever needs may come up. It's good to know that they are thorough in their security and that this is a safe place to try your luck with lotteries from around the globe.
by: FrostedCupcake21 over 6 years ago
I was not really crazy about this site at all. I found it to be a bit boring. I had never really played at an online lottery site before, but I had gone out and bought a ticket occasionally for the local ones where I live. I did like that they offered different lotteries from different countries, but overall there weren’t many to choose from. As far as promotions, they were seriously lacking as well. For something like the lottery, you need a little something extra to spice things up; otherwise it’s just a lot of sitting around and waiting. However, that’s basically what I was doing here, just sitting and waiting to see if I won… which of course, I didn’t. I guess I was just hoping they would have done a little more with this idea. I like it much better in person than I do the online version.

by: Looter over 6 years ago
I wasn't a huge lottery fan to start with, but I like to try new things, and this was just that. Looking out for bingo sites, but stumbled to this one, and I was impressed although this is my first lottery site.
The idea is quite simple, you have one place where you can indulge all your lottery needs. You have access to 10 world wide lotteries, and those are the most famous national lotteries I'm talking about. Just a quick glance at the prizes will make you dizzy. I like the digital ticket system, and the fact you can make the payment fast and easy. The fact with lottery is that there are way too many people playing it, so the chances of winning are not that good at all. I did play a few rounds, but never was closer than 2-3 hits. I don't think I will come again, but that is just because I'm really not a lottery fan.


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